Being a writer can be a discouraging gig. Very few of us actually make a decent living from our craft and we spend an inordinate amount of time receiving criticism for hours upon hours of content creation, from people, who have probably never imagined anything and put it to paper.

It is a huge accomplishment to take an idea from that little place in our brains and make it realized on our pages, creating something cohesive and exciting.

So much thought, so much passion, so many brain melting hours on plot, and fixing sentences, so carelessly thrown aside by someone who probably doesn’t appreciate the craft and is in search for something easily marketable.

Through it, we keep on trying, we keep creating, keep entering those contests and continue to keep our work relevant in this world that wants everything given to them in a picture.

Don’t be dismayed, literature will always be a corner stone in all societies, never let them convince you otherwise. Take criticism with a grain of salt and appreciate YOUR hard work. It;s yours and it doesn’t need to live up to someone else’s.

Today I am trying my hand at screen writing, something so foreign to me but I want to try so why not?

make today productive, don’t let the negative get you down, keep writing, one day you will see the appreciation you deserve.


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