A wise person said to me recently, everything you write does not need to be a masterpiece.
I think as writers, we never want to produce or share things that are less than perfect. This makes it hard for me to post as often as I’d like to, because writing amazing things takes so much time and effort.
We also forget, a masterpiece to us is not always received as such to our audience. My most beloved poems, are the least looked at.
To the people I wrote them to, they are cherished, but sometimes without that context it’s hard to relate to a very emotional poem, because it doesn’t leave a lot of room for someone else to insert their own story.

So today it’s share a poem you don’t like day! Let’s see how our ‘bad’ poems become something more to someone else.
And, if anything, realize that everything we produce is getting us closer to being skilled in this art!

The yoyo effect takes root
in my life,
as things get better,
to bounce back into strife.

Purpose seems imminent,
but crippling feelings;
that say you’re insufficient
begin to return,
my life, no one’s concern.

I see your face,
as it fades away
the melody of your love,
a lingering sway.

As my heart falls to pieces
imagining someday, oneday
lingering kisses
in place of your dismisses.

A love lost is better than regret
I can never be sorry
that for you, I lept.

You said you didn’t know love,
but its fear that keeps you from

hearing my words,
seeing my face,
letting us merge,
keeping pace.

Lingering thoughts
live within
the endless nightmare
of my greatest sin
a battle, never to win.

Maybe a day
a day will be
on that day, you will see
see how much of my life can’t be
without you standing next to me.


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