Daily blogging is like poetry, you require something to write about.
Sometimes I am lacking, alright, a majority of the time I am lacking.
I’d say I am pretty undisciplined in my craft and have a tendency to float around until ultimate inspiration hits me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to the genre of my poetry, which to me feels very painful.
I mostly write the hard things, the painful things, the things I want to make people cry with and it honestly sucks a lot out of me.

Sometimes I get so consumed with those feelings, always chasing that ability to feel them and find them.
For whatever reason in the last year I have experienced a lot of pain in the friendships in my life. It’s been hard and lonely and I found myself writing endlessly about it.

I’d really just like to know what’s on the other side of dark poetry. Leave my dark cloud and be able to move my soul for something lighter and convey it to the world in a meaningful way.

So here’s my attempt, which was written before my terrible friend decided to stomp all over me.

Friendship’s Wilderness
There is a love
that I would describe
one so needed
I can’t set aside

The world so dark
I couldn’t see
until your star
did shine for me

A strange new land
you led me to
face to face
not sure what to do

A fearful hand
I would describe
brought me a joy
that won’t seem to hide

Into the wilderness
my brand new friend
weaving our way ’till these hearts do mend
forever sure
I will defend
because you gave me
the strength to try again


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