Tangible love:

Through the slow movement of time
A heart beats next to my own
It’s thumping drifts slowly to my ears.

Sometimes, the sound becomes like all that which surrounds it
Lost in the drown of daily turmoil, grind and goals
That little sound, so perfect and persistent gets washed away with the waves that are ever pulling us apart.

You following your path, finding things that inspire the tiny sound to beat faster
Moving you onwards to the greater things that lie in wait
Your hands ever reaching for something, but it’s the sound of that heart that gets you there
Yet it never receives the recognition of its efforts.

In the dark, I listen to it, as the rest of you get’s a well deserved sleep.
But persistently, the sound beats on,
Spurring your dreams, healing the hands that are so eager to reach without consequence
It never stops working for you, cheering silently behind the scenes
Watching you share your triumphs with that which is easily recognized.

Alone, it celebrates you, rejoicing for all that you have done
Happy, just to have been beside you, even if unnoticed.

In this life, the tangible things are so praised,
We want to see, touch and feel, to acknowledge their impact on our lives
What use do we have for a persistent kind of sound.

How do we quantify this love, that works for us, but we never see it doing so
It’s praise goes to others, eager to take recognition for themselves
But they often come and go with the wind
And many won’t commit to watching you reach that finish line
Gratification is taken and they move onto the next place their eager hands reach for.

Our hands follow these tangible dreams that tug them through life
Until wrinkles line their soft skin, and they no longer have the energy to keep trying
They have accomplished many great things
And that sound inside of you, it continuously praises their efforts, even in their old age.

This tiny sound, you never noticed when the world was loud around you.
A world that keeps moving with or without you, people coming and going from your life.
How many stopped, their hands reaching for you.
Did they smile, only to have it fade away through the years
You looking back, wondering where they went?

The ebbing of time pushes and pulls the waves of people
Tugging at them like the gravity of the moon.
We wash into each others shores
Sharing time, before that moon tugs them away again
How long does it take to see the anchor buried next to yours
A steady beat laying next to you when your shores remain empty
And you look to the stars, dreaming what would come next

On the bed you made with your life, you lay
That tiny sound, all that remains next to you
In the ever moving expanse of time, What has been tangible
What do you have to show for your great efforts?
When the grave swallows you up, what is it all worth?

Into that grave, that beat is faithful
Following beside you as it always has
Whether you notice it or not
It’s unfailing love has brought you all the joys you sought

Listen now, before it fades away
At the end of this life, Do you see the anchor now?
My own heart beating next to yours.

A wrinkled hand, reaching for yours.
In the noise, you forgot they remained
But they’re faithful, picking you up when you fell
Rubbing your tired head as you slept.

That tiny sound in you is my companion
So grateful I am, for all it has done
I spend much time whispering to it
Letting it know, it will never be alone and I see it’s hard work.

In return, it’s melody eases me to sleep when the night is late
And I miss the sound of your voice
A voice that often has no words left, after such a long day
But I persist, because of that little sound.

On this bed, I have made my place next to yours
And when the moon pulls you away
I make sure it’s warm when you return
So your tired feet can rest
And your tireless heart can be assured

It is never alone, and together we have loved you
Watched you, and cheered you along
Giving our recognition to the tangible things.

But the grave calls, and this love, at the end of time
Is the only tangible thing that remains
Our wrinkled hands intertwined
We begin to understand that we reached our finish line
Because that little heart within us brought us here
And my love for that tiny sound
Gave that heart the encouragement it needed to get you there.

I have loved you silently, passionately and loyally
The sea never uprooting the anchor I placed next to yours
And into the grave, I am placed next to you.

Both these hearts, easing us on to the next great adventure.
Even as they stop,
There is no fear,
Only the contentment of a life well lived.

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