Friendship is the theme for today’s poem. I often find that the emotions shared in friendship can mimic that of a love story. Sometimes we end up with broken hearts and people we miss.
This poem is about a friend, somewhere along the way we messed up and in our once upon a time we might find each other again and do it better next time.

What do you think, is this a love poem, or does friendship show through? 

Once upon a friendship

Within a fantasy

you have left me

come hither

let us daydream

a hand so close

with a love to boast

our story to tell

left only, almost

If love is the end

how does this heart bend

looking at you,

my longing friend

lets tell a tale

of these hearts ail

walking blindly

of course we fail

here left waiting

for the melody you sing

left reaching

only to grasp nothing

abandonment, no truer pain

left broken, here be lain

I love you still,

for you, i could never blame

lets meet again, on green tint slopes

taking a hand, into a boat

sailing away for a friend

gone forever my lonely motes.

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