As a person who writes fiction and poetry I often find myself thinking of what if’s, how will the future look and imagining all sorts of things.

For a while I’ve had an idea for a novel (noo more novels, it takes so long to write them!!!) that looks far into the future of our world.

In a world of evolving technology that makes material things obsolete. How long will it be before books are no longer published? No dusty pages to smell? Spine to abuse. I think it’s inevitable. As far as resources go, it makes more sense for the planet and sellers to move their sales to digital format.

It’s one of the reasons I started Millennials for Poetry.  I support the idea of digital content and getting things straight to readers. I am not a person who supports big business and in many ways that’s what publishers are. They are looking for what sells, but as writers I think we just want to share. To write and let people experience what is there.

I know many need to make a living, but honestly I think free media can produce an income with some work, without the hassles and politics of publishers and deadlines.
This is why I love Tumblr, I honestly think Tumblr has the right idea for content production! Anyways, away from my rambling.

The internet is an endless expanse of content and information, it holds our cultural tendencies, trends, likes, dislikes ect. The experiences of our entire generation is cemented into Facebook and Reddit and Twitter. Will someone one day delete it?

OR will there come a day, as I imagine in my story, where digging through the internet archives becomes akin to archaeology?  People paid to sift through our Twitter feeds, trying to understand our weird slang.

It seems pretty realistic to me.

So that’s why I will add my share, may poetry find it’s way across the sea of data into the hands of someone in a distant future. Bringing us back from the dead and letting our experiences traverse time…



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