Sometimes writing is hard because you don’t know what to write about.
Sure, the super talented folks like to go with the flow and somehow produce cohesive work, the rest of us humans need actual ideas.

Writing for prompts also allows an artist to own their skill. Having the ability to write outside of “inspiration” is a valuable tool. Sometimes thing’s won’t move us, but that doesn’t mean the topic isn’t relevant to somebody else.

Being a poet means claiming the ability to move someone else. This should not rely on our emotions, but unique understanding of language and love for language.

You will be surprised what ‘boring’ topics can be made interesting if you try.

So today, let’s write a poem on going to the laundromat ! ( I say this because my broken machine has been taken away and I now must venture into the great unknown to wash a family of four’s week of laundry. Pray for me.)

I will post mine in the comments, add yours. GOOD LUCK.


4 thoughts on “Prompt time

  1. Oh grueling day of misery,
    among the clatter of day’s gone by
    why this place of laundry
    where on these tables, my socks do lie.

    In a pile of bright pink mess,
    lay that hidden harbinger of doom
    your stupid red dress
    for all my hard work for it to undo, finding it’s way into washer’s flume.

    oh grueling day of misery,
    I dream of when I will earn enough to own a washing machine
    at home, to do my own laundry
    of your red dress, I shall be free.

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  2. You speak truth, I can relate on a several levels. I’m praying for you! It must be a nightmare having to walk to the laundromat with that much laundry!!
    btw here’s a haiku about going to the laundromat because I’m too lazy to write a whole poem :”D
    washing machines spin
    people giving side glances
    This is the laundromat


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