Name: wynniewhite

As I look into his eyes
I can feel him telling lies
Sounding out false syllables

I nod as though I do not know
his fictional words flow
Things have changed

I remember our first kiss
How it was utter bliss
He promised me then

That he would never lie
Our love would never die
I walk away

I lay my ring down
I think of that long gone gown
It’s all over now

It was after a fight
He took flight
He found a girl

I saw them kissing
He had told me something was missing
I will never love again


3 thoughts on “SHARING IS CARING

  1. Hey! I feel really badly for bugging you and asking this but I was wondering if you could change my site address. For some reason it had my old blog on there (it’s deleted now) so it would be SUPER AMAZING if you could change it to my current address It’s fine if you don’t feel like doing this it would just be nice so people can find my real blog.

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